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OBJECTIVE: Scavenging free radicals for avoiding damage accumulation

The skin protects itself against oxidative stress by producing powerful anti-oxidants that neutralize free radicals.

The oxidative stress

Free radicals are toxic forms generated by exogenous stresses (light, UV, IR … pollution, tobacco, alcohol, etc.), or endogenous sources (skin cells also produce metabolic wastes: free radicals which accumulation may induce cutaneous changes).

Whatever their origin (exogenous or endogenous), free radicals have an oxidizing power strong enough to alter cell membranes, DNA, proteins, structural fibers, etc. and to generate new metabolic waste that can interfere with skin cell metabolisms (collagen synthesis, cell communication, etc.).

With age, the skin’s detoxification abilities weaken and the accumulation of free radicals becomes exponential, which eventually leads to premature aging.

It then follows a cascade of events that will eventually have visible repercussions



  • Protecting skin cell integrity
  • Preserving skin firmness and elasticity
  • Preserving skin tone uniformity
  • Limiting the skin premature aging


Exsymol developed a range of actives ingredients that have an antioxidant activity.

Strengthening the skin natural defenses

These 2 active ingredients are free radical scavengers. They offer 2 different approaches for preparing the skin to deal with the impacts of free radicals.

Strengthening the regenerative capacities of the skin:


Strengthening the skin’s natural defenses against light radiations (melanin and urocanic acid):


Global detoxification

Protection against any type of pollution (micro-particles, sun radiation, UV, IR, blue light …)


Protection against glycoxidation (glycation induced by oxidative stress)


Protection against all types of free radicals (oxygenated, nitrogenous and carbonylated)



Skin restructuring

Free radicals degrade the skin structure. Scavenging free radicals is not efficient enough in the long term. SILANOLs’ restructuring potential allows for an optimal skin regeneration after free radical scavenging.

Potentiation of vitamin C:


Potentiation of vitamin E:


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