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Pregnant women

OBJECTIVE: Feeling good and fulfilled

Pregnancy is a key period in a woman’s life, during which it is particularly enjoyable to take care of oneself.

Any woman hopes to keep only good memories and certainly not stretch marks, pigmentation stains, various problems and small curves.

Consequences of pregnancy on the skin

During pregnancy, the body changes, first under the influence of hormonal variations (+++ progesterone and estrogen) then because of the stretching forces as the child grows and the weight increase.

Hormonal variations may cause a slowdown in venous return, edema and hyperpigmentation that can induce heavy legs, dark circles, pregnancy mask …

We must not forget the fatigue that contributes to dull the skin or even to induce skin problems (tightness, pimples, stretch marks, age spots …).

There is no standard. The quality of the skin is variable (from dry to fat) from one woman to another and during pregnancy. Some skin problems may worsen others fade, so some pregnant women will have a more radiant complexion than ever before.

On the other hand, there is a common condition for every pregnant woman, her skin will be more sensitive and more reactive to all environmental stresses.


  • Feeling good, taking care of yourself through a soothing and comforting ritual
  • Protecting your skin against the damage caused by stretching and hormonal changes during pregnancy
  • Getting an optimal skin quality after childbirth for the well being as mother and wife.


We offer a full range of skin solutions for pregnant women and young mothers.

Our SILANOLS technology will be the core of our recommendations.

Recognized worldwide and for many years for their restructuring properties, SILANOLS are a major asset for cosmetic and dermocosmetic products designed for treating pregnancy.

The SILANOLS multifunctionality makes it possible to offer solutions against all skin condition (dehydration, stretch marks, pregnancy mask …) related to pregnancy. SILANOLS thus ensure the well-being of any pregnant woman.

ALGISIUM, the first of the SILANOLS range, is a multifunctional base of formula. It is ideal for any pregnancy care, without any danger for the mother, or for the child.

Our SILANOL range also offers solutions to respond more specifically to each need of pregnancy.

In addition, we have developed natural alternatives as well as optimized peptides in order to preserve the beauty of your skin and allow you to fully enjoy your pregnancy.

Step 1: Taking care of the skin

Preparing, protecting and regenerating the skin for your comfort.
Anticipating the deterioration of the skin quality during pregnancy.

Freshness care: well-being and anti-fatigue

The hormonal changes mess up your complexion.

Regeneration of the skin, stimulation of the microcirculation:


This Elderberry extract, has a soothing activity, that opposes to the porosity of the microcirculation. It is particularly effective against dark circles and puffiness:


The sebum excessive production is responsible for oily skin.


Synchronize your circadian rhythms. During and after pregnancy, your nights will be short!


Nourishing and moisturizing care

More sensitive, the skin may be drier or fatter during pregnancy (overproduction of sebum may be the consequence of inflammation). It is necessary to soothe and protect the skin by proper hydration.

It is also the time to prepare the skin to face future conditions related to pregnancy and childbirth:

• Stretch marks because of to weight gain

• Inconvenience at intimate areas

• Sensitivity, dryness and cracked nipples due to breastfeeding

• Age spots, hyperpigmentation, pregnancy mask

• Preparing the skin for effective healing …

Regeneration of the skin, film-forming effect of hyaluronic acid for a long-lasting surface effect, while organic silicon optimizes natural hydration:


Skin regeneration , optimization of the dermis elasticity and microcirculation (also exists in oily form):



Skin regeneration, foundation protection (DEJ) to maintain its biomechanical properties and to normalize melanin synthesis.



During pregnancy, receiving a massage is especially enjoyable. This is a good way to remove unnecessary stress, but it is also a way to prepare your skin to resist the stretching forces that can induce stretch marks.

Regeneration of the skin, oily version of our SILANOLs, detoxifies the skin by its vitamin E content:


Regeneration of the skin, reinforces the natural hydration of the skin by fighting against the negative effects of the stress hormone: cortisol (drying up and collapse).



Pregnancy makes the skin more sensitive and therefore more responsive to different sources of stress in our environment: solar radiation, pollution …

Regenerates the skin, detoxifies it with vitamin C:


Regeneration of the skin, oily version of our SILANOLs, detoxifies the skin by its vitamin E content:


Extract of a seed used in Chinese medicine, strengthens the natural defenses of the skin against all types of solar and domestic radiation:


This red vine leaves extract stimulates the natural defenses of the skin. It is able to detoxify the skin after an exposure to pollution (environmental and / or domestic):



Pregnancy makes the skin more sensitive, it is thus prone to degradation and inflammation. It is therefore essential to regenerate the skin in order to prevent the appearance of skin damage such as: redness, pimples…, or more consequent: age spots, stretch marks …

Regeneration of the skin and its foundations to maintain its biomechanical properties and normalize melanin synthesis:


This extract of an Arctic alga with a strong soothing and regenerative power:


Detoxification and soothing effect:


Hair care

Many women experience an improvement in the appearance and quality of their hair during pregnancy. Hair is softer, shinier and less oily.

In contrast, the scalp tends to be more sensitive like the rest of the skin.

About 3 months after delivery, the hormonal drop may cause hair loss.

It is therefore essential to soothe and moisturize the scalp and to improve hair quality and density so that the hair fall is less visible.

Optimizing the quality of the capillary bulb environment improves hair quality, growth, density and prevents hair loss.


As an arctic alga extract, CAPALGIN improves hair quality, stimulates hair growth, and increases hair density while preventing their fall.


Improves the quality of the scalp. Strengthens the hair shaft and protects it by the sheathing effect of panthenol.


Step 2 : Dermocosmetical treatment

Anti-stretch marks

During pregnancy, the skin is prone to stretch marks on the stomach, thighs or breasts.

The skin hydration and the elasticity are key factors for avoiding the appearance of stretch marks.

Stretch marks are due to the rupture of structural fibers because of an excessive stretching of a dry, inelastic skin.

To prevent stretch marks, it is necessary to moisturize and to stimulate the skin from the first month of pregnancy. Anti-stretch mark treatment is primarily preventive.

Skin regeneration, optimization of the dermis elasticity and of the microcirculation. Globally recognized for its prevention of the appearance of stretch marks:


Skin regeneration, oily version of our SILANOLS, allows a reorganization allowing a deep hydration of the skin:


Optimization of the wound healing process (post-cesarean section, delivery by natural route, cracked nipples …)

During delivery, various procedures may require healing during the first weeks of life of a young mother.

Rapid healing is desired to prevent these from being an obstacle to maternal activities. As women, young mothers also hope for a fast and invisible healing process.

As for the prevention of the appearance of stretch marks, the optimization of the healing process is based on quality skin, well hydrated and with optimal elastic properties.

The optimization of the healing is preventive, the application of the care should therefore be done as soon as possible to obtain the best results.

Skin regeneration, specialist of the dermis, to optimize the process of scar healing:


Skin regeneration, specialized in the epidermis, to optimize the healing process:


Oily version of our SILANOL, optimizes the restructuring of the skin:


Heavy legs and feet

The increase in progesterone levels reduces vein wall tonicity, and thus the venous return. While estrogen promotes the appearance of edema. The hormonal upheaval as well as the increase in blood volume during pregnancy is the cocktail responsible for the feeling of heavy legs felt by nearly one in two women during pregnancy.

The skin will also be affected by these hormonal variations that promote the porosity of the microcirculation. Legs need to be better hydrated, better prepared to cope with different stress and fatigue.

Skin regeneration, optimization of microcirculation:


This elderflower extract reduces the porosity of microcirculation and limits the appearance of edema:


Detoxification and anti-glycation

Pregnancy-induced diabetes can affect the skin quality. The skin will be less elastic and duller as the fibers of the skin are crosslinked by glycation.

A pioneer of anti-glycation, this active combines preventive, restorative and palliative properties:


Optimized version of our SILANOLS to prevent the damage that can be caused by glycation:


Melanin stains and pregnancy mask

The increase of estrogen can promote hyperpigmentation of the skin with the appearance of brown spots on the sensitive areas of the face: forehead, cheeks and upper lip. This is the infamous pregnancy mask

Regeneration, protection and restoration of the skin foundations to prevent the tattoo effect of brown spots


Regeneration of skin, optimizes the thickness of the epidermis, less transparency (more homogeneous complexion), more hydration (protection and optimization of the barrier function) and more protection (soothing effect)


Step 3: After delivery

An optimal skin quality for your life as a young mother

Hydrating and regenerating

The skin was put to the test during childbirth. Preparation of the body and intimate areas by the application of restructuring agents such as SILANOLS makes it possible to obtain regeneration and / or faster healing.
Other areas of the body are put to the test after childbirth, such as breasts (breastfeeding )or carrying a child for many hours.

Oily version of our SILANOL, optimizes the restructuring of the skin:


Regeneration of the skin, film-forming effect of hyaluronic acid for a long-lasting surface effect, while organic silicon optimizes natural hydration.


Firming and toning (body and intimacy)

After pregnancy, young mothers want to restore their skin flexibility and tone. It is necessary to choose active ingredients capable of reshaping and refirming loose tissues.

Regeneration and restructuring of the skin:


Regeneration of the skin, optimization of the elasticity of the dermis and microcirculation:



Pregnancy requires weight gain essential to the child’s proper development. After delivery, do not get trapped by your fat cells, the yoyo effect can be sneaky!

Regeneration of the skin, combines tissue tonicity and normalization of adipocyte metabolism:


Specific chaperones derived from a red alga, limiting the growth (proliferation and adipocyte volume) of the adipose tissue after a period of lipolysis:


Suppression of brown spots




Visible results

Anti-brown spots, anti dark circles, anti pocket, hydration, anti-stretch mark, hair care, soothing, comfort, anti-stress, long-lasting hydration, Optimization of healing, firmness, slimming …

Our solutions at your disposal