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Women – dossier

OBJECTIVE: To meet the specific needs of women’s skin

In both women and men, the skin is a barrier against the environment. On the other hand, there are physiological and functional differences between the skin of women and men, each requiring different approaches.

A “tender” skin

Woman skin has a “creamy” complexion compared to the men’s. Its thinness and higher collagen content partly explain this difference.

The thin woman skin is more easily damaged and will age faster than men’s. This “soft” skin can be quickly affected by age: dryness, dullness, loss of firmness, pigmentary spots, cellulite …

Woman skin is also more sensitive than men’s. This is why the environment, unsuitable cosmetics, etc. can easily induce redness and inflammation.
This high skin sensitivity will also be favorable to the installation of a chronic inflammation which will be able to slow the capacities of regeneration of the skin and thus of cicatrization.


  • Soothing the skin and providing comfort 
  • Delaying the visible signs of aging
  • Even and sublimate the skin complexion
  • Firming and smoothing the skin


To meet these expectations, Exsymol has developed a range of actives adapted to the sensitivity of a woman skin, offering a comprehensive approach for protecting and sublimating it in the long term.

Step 1 : Preparing and soothing

Preparing the skin

Reorganizing the skin so that it is ready to face its environment. Healthy foundations are essential before we can expect improvements of the skin condition


We also offer an oily version for an even softer preparation during a massage:


Well-being and hydration

Provide the skin with actives that have maximal efficiency and are also sources of well-being. Our SILANOLS and in particular ALGISIUM and DSH CN are known for their soothing effect as well as for their unique sensory performance. These active ingredients also provide long-lasting hydration.


We also offer the benefits of an Arctic active that can protect the skin. With an optimized level of hydration, the skin will be visibly soothed.


Maintaining the skin’s adaptability

For example, dry and damaged skin will be more sensitive to solar radiation.
This active helps restoring the cooperation between the different elements of the skin.


A woman skin is more sensitive than the men’s, and is more vulnerable to sun radiation. Its thinness is one reason, but also the fact that it is not as pigmented. It is therefore important to stimulate the first defense of the skin: melanin.


Detoxifying and soothing

An inflammed skin is often the result of an accumulation of toxic forms that disrupt its regenerative capacity.
Pollution is an important a source of toxic forms for the skin. Exsymol has therefore developed an active ingredient that stimulates skin defenses against all types of pollutants.


Prevention is not always enough and it is sometimes essential to repair and to heal. Exsymol has developed one of the most innovative active ingredients of the market as it can repair cell membranes as well as structural fibers of the skin.


Step 2: Delaying the effects of age and even skin tone

Eye contour

Eyes express a range of emotions that would be a shame to lose because of age.

Exsymol has developed an active capable of normalizing the microcirculation in the area around the eye for preventing the appearance of puffiness and dark circles.


The skin in the eye area one of the finest of our body. It will therefore be particularly sensitive to skin collapse and the appearance of pigmentary spots. We therefore recommend combining the previous active with one of our SILANOLS in order to maintain a dynamic and expressive look.


A well defined oval shape

Sensitive and exposed to many stresses, the skin of the face loses its elasticity. We have developed a specific SILANOL combined with low molecular weight hyaluronic acid to redefine the face contour.


Even skin tone

Redness, sensitivity, and pigmentary spots are visible signs of a skin that has a hard time coping with environmental aggressions and age.

The dermal-epidermal junction, foundation of the skin and border between the dermis and the epidermis, plays a major role in the regulation of melanin production. Exsymol has developed an active ingredient that can restructure the dermal-epidermal junction to normalize melanin production, hence preventing and decreasing age spots. It therefore ensures an even skin tone with a soothing effect.


We propose an alternative approach through an active that boosts the natural defenses of the skin. As a result, the skin will be less sensitive and its complexion will be normalized. This active has the additional ability to normalize melanin production for a brightening and luminous effect. A safe solution for your skin is finally available to find a “porcelain” complexion


Step 3: Do not forget to take care of the rest of the body


We offer an active recognized worldwide for its cosmetic and dermocosmetic performance in applications such as the prevention of stretch marks. This active moisturizes and tends the skin for visible results on your silhouette



The specific organization of the fat layers and the high sensitivity of the feminine skin makes it suitable for the appearance of cellulite. This active provides the skin with firming and soothing benefits for a fast and effective reduction of cellulite.


The yoyo effect, the overproliferation of adipose tissue after a period of deprivation is also responsible for a stiffening of the fat lobules hence promoting cellulite. We have therefore developed an alternative approach to limit the yoyo effect and its visible consequences.


Hair care

Heir quality depends of the skin around its roots. Hair also responds to hormonal variations. It is therefore key to optimize the scalp quality in order to provide the hair with an optimal environment.
Exsymol has developed 2 actives capable of improving hair quality, from the root to the tip. They also offer significant anti-hair loss effects.



We also offer 2 actives for a more superficial hair treatment. The benefits will be the result of the combination of organic silicium for restructuring brittle hair, and of the film-forming effect of pharmaceutical star ingredients.



Exposed areas

The neck, décolleté and hands are the most exposed areas to the environment after the face. These areas can betray your age and are often poorly cared for.

We propose new habits with a simplified routine of the face:

Hydrating and soothing


Detoxifying with an active capable of trapping toxic forms generated by any type of environmental stress.


Firmness and anti-age spots


Our solutions at your disposal