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Naturalness is a guarantee of safety and quality in the eyes of consumers.

In order to meet the growing demand for naturalness, Exsymol has developed natural or high naturalness assets.

Moreover, thanks to its ecological and social commitment, Exsymol applies the principles of green chemistry and limits its impact on the environment as much as possible.

Natural actives

Natural assets are extracts of plants, flowers or algae. All are largely objectified, both with in vitro, ex vivo and / or in vivo tests.

Naturalness index

The naturalness index represents the percentage of ingredients of natural origin that enters into the composition of an asset.

Exsymol offer assets with naturalization rates approaching 100%.

Green chemistry

Green chemistry is a practice of chemistry following a series of principles that aim to minimize the environmental impact of industrial processes.

Exsymol is committed to following the principles of green chemistry for all of its manufacturing processes.


Eco-responsibility aims at integrating environmental protection measures within the company.

Exsymol uses only energy from renewable sources, valorizes its waste and optimizes its resource consumption (water, energy …). All industrial processes are optimized to minimize the environmental impact.