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The pore is the new wrinkle

EXSYMOL offers a real anti aging solution to tighten pores from the inside, revitalizing the pore sheath to retain its grip and prevent loosening. .

ADENOSILANE is a silanol from EXSYMOL technology :BiofunXional Silicium + Adenosine.
Adenosine is obtained by biotechnology (fermentation).

Mechanism of action

  1. Optimization of fibrillogenesis: sheath reconstruction (collagen, MMP1)
  2. Optimization of the fiber network around the pore: sheath’s quality (MAGP1: microfibril associated glycoprotein 1)
  3. Rise of the available energy level: sheath property (ATP)
  4. Recovery of the pore elasticity: resilience (BioMeca)


Naturally, as you get older, the elasticity of the skin decreases, pores enlarge, fine lines and wrinkles appear. Your skin becomes rougher and can look greasy, tired and older than it is.

While photo filters were a trend for few years, new challenges such as #nofilter #nomakeup #natural trends are becoming even more popular. Consumers are therefore looking for solutions that reduce skin imperfections.


is a solution to keep a baby smooth skin while recreating a favorable cellular environment for a « young-like » dermis.

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