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Optimizing the skin’s biomechanical properties

Providing organic silicon to restructure the skin

Anti-aging (prevention) + regenerative (repair) F

Metabolic stabilization and optimization of cellular communication

Face and body

Your needs

The weather, the environment, our lifestyle, and our own metabolisms are all potential sources of premature aging of the skin. They have visible consequences like dehydration, loss of elasticity, age spots, etc.

Aging means that the skin’s structure collapses, and that cellular communication is reduced, and metabolic functions slow down in all skin cells.

Research has highlighted a major factor in this deterioration: the loss of silicon – a key component in the skin.

représentation schématique de la teneur naturelle en silicium organique

Silicon binds the skin together, and contributes to the organization of connective tissue and the capacity to stabilize many skin metabolisms. Silicon is essential to keep skin hydrated, to retain its elasticity and to make sure it doesn’t look tired.

The objective is therefore to supply the skin with organic silicium for optimal structure and metabolic activity.

Exsymol’s answer

How it works

EXSYMOL has developed an organic silicon technology to compensate for skin’s natural losses of silicon. ALGISIUM’s bioavailability enables organic silicon to be rapidly absorbed into skin’s 3D structure and to compensate for the natural losses observed.

ALGISIUM has several benefits owing to its different approaches:

  • It acts as an architect: restructuring the skin
  • It acts as a coach: stabilizing and optimizing metabolic activity
  • It acts as a bodyguard: combined with other skin components, they offer protection from various stresses

General properties

ALGISIUM (INCI name: METHYLSILANOL MANNURONATE) is the original and global benchmark for organic silicon in cosmetics.

It is a unique active ingredient and a precursor of healing cosmetics which meets all skin needs.

Whatever one’s age or requirements, ALGISIUM provides organic silicon to help skin stay young or look young again.

Cosmetic benefits

Consumer benefits

  • Hydration
  • Uniform complexion
  • Softness, firmness, density and elasticity
  • Reduction of fatty tissue
  • Anti-wrinkle
  • Face and body

Skin benefits

  • Overall restructuring
  • Stimulation of keratinocytes
  • Stimulation of fibroblasts
  • Stimulation of collagen production
  • Stabilizing the adipocyte metabolism (lypolysis, adipogenesis)
  • Improvement of biomechanical properties
  • Optimizing the dynamic link between fibroblasts and elastic fibers
  • Stabilizing the epidermis
  • Stabilizing the structure of the dermal-epidermal junction
  • Stabilizing the dermis
  • Optimizing cellular communication
  • Preventing inflammation
  • Preventing damage caused by oxidation and glycation

Our added value

  • Active ingredient for different ranges – multi-functional active ingredient: sensitive skin, anti-aging, slimming and firming, anti-cellulite, eye area, removing stretch marks
  • Active formulation base
  • An active ingredient that responds to skin’s needs
  • Skin prepared to optimize the effectiveness of any another active ingredient

The expert’s opinion

ALGISIUM is multi-functional because it first meets the skin’s needs

ALGISIUM doesn’t seek to meet only one of your needs… but all of your skin’s needs! It can thus handle any situation.

ALGISIUM is unlimited in its functions. Tested, approved and used for many years all over the world, it is used for all kinds of cosmetic products: cosmetics, dermatology, sun products and all sorts of applications: face, body, eye area, removing stretch marks, etc.

ALGISIUM is constantly improved and reassessed in terms of its cosmetic properties, and is as good as ever!

ALGISIUM respects the skin

How it works: By adding silicon which is naturally present in the skin, Algisium respects skin’s natural metabolisms and stabilizes them.

Aim: to restore the physical and functional properties of younger skin

ALGISIUM makes all of a formula’s active ingredients more effective

ALGISIUM prépare la peau et améliore ainsi l’efficacité de tout autre ingrédient actif présent dans une formule. Il permet également de conserver les résultats sur le long terme.

ALGISIUM doesn’t force us to make compromises between effectiveness and sensorial factors

A sensorial assessment has demonstrated the aesthetic benefits of this active ingredient. For example, it facilitates the sensation of smoothness when applying a gel.

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