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Anti-aging – Anti-photoaging

Anti-oxidation + anti-glycation + regeneration


Preventive – Restoration – Palliativ


Metabolic stimulation – Collagen production


Cutaneous detoxification – Preventing inflamm’aging


Detoxifying the consequences of radiation and particles

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The causes of premature aging are many and varied (accumulation of damage and metabolic waste, aggressions from outside factors such as the sun’s rays or pollution, lifestyle, etc.).
In skin, which is very exposed to external factors which generate a lot of free radicals, oxidative stress plays a major role.
The cosmetics markets offers a number of solutions to trap and neutralize these free radicals and stop them triggering an oxidative cascade.
However, as efficient as these traps may be, not all of the free radicals are trapped and neutralized.
They cause cellular damage, mutations, and metabolic changes which impact upon the functioning of structural proteins (collagen, elastin) and functional proteins (enzymes).
Changes in these different components of the skin in turn generate toxic forms which maintain the level of oxidative stress in the skin.
Among the most well-known consequences:

  • The oxidation of cellular membranes which leads to metabolic deceleration and reduces the skin’s capacity to regenerate
  • The activation of the glycation process which leads to a hardening and coloring of structural components and a reduction in the skin’s biomechanical properties. This is an irreversible mechanism
    These two phenomena create a negative cycle of skin damage: glycoxidation.

Then follows visible deterioration of the skin: loss of lustre, age spots, loss of elasticity, lines and an increased sensitivity to environmental factors, etc.

The aim is thus to offer an active ingredient that can halt oxidative stress and repair the damage caused by oxidation and glycation to stimulate cellular energy levels, the skin’s metabolism, and its capacity to regenerate and slow down premature aging.

EXSYMOL’s answer

How it works

ALISTIN offers complex multi-functional detoxification for a healthy skin environment:

  • Anti-oxidant: deactivating free radicals, repairing the peroxidation of lipids
  • Anti-glycation: trapping activated (oxidated) sugars, transglycation of collagen reticulated by sugar (repair by means of “reverse glycation”)
  • «useful» metabolic stimulation to take place. The freshly produced collagen will be protected from the dangers of oxidation and glycation.

General properties

ALISTIN (INCI name: Decarboxy Carnosine HCL) is a nature-identical “optimized peptide”.
Carcinin is a natural peptidic derivative found in various living organisms, including man.
A key feature of carcinin is its resistance to hydrolysis by skin enzymes. Thus, unlike ordinary peptides and in particular its analog carnosin, carcinin is not degraded after being applied on the skin.
ALISTIN thus maintains optimal action for cosmetic applications.

Cosmetic benefits

Consumer benefits

  • Uniform complexion
  • Firmness
  • Anti-wrinkle
  • Hydration
  • Eye area
  • Energizing / anti-fatigue
  • Preventive effect for young skin
  • Reparative effect for older skin
  • Face and body
  • Soothing

Skin benefits

  • Preventing and reducing coloration and hardening of structural components: anti-glycation and reverse glycation
  • Repairing damage caused by oxidative stress
  • Protecting DNA against damage caused by UVs and AGEs
  • Preventing skin inflammation
  • Fast recovery of cutaneous homeostasis
  • Increase in cutaneous energy levels: production of ATP
  • Stimulation of cellular activity: collagen production

Customer benefits – Original concepts:

  • The benchmark active ingredient for anti-glycation through 3 approaches: prevention, repair and palliation
  • Overall detoxification before stimulating cellular metabolisms
  • Alternative anti-pollution response
  • Recognized performance for sun care
  • Effective use for dermocosmetic use – soothing effect
  • Indispensable supplement for anti-whitening action, stopping hair loss, etc.

The expert’s opinion

ALISTIN is a powerful detoxifier and doesn’t just trap ROS

ALISTIN is a unique multi-functional anti-aging agent.
It is at the same time a “broad spectrum” protector (anti-oxidation/anti-glycation), and an agent favoring repair (deglycation/metabolic stimulation).
Glycation and oxidative stress are closely linked (described as “glycoxidation”). This is why it is important to associate dual protection on one and the same molecule.
Its antioxidant action works both “upstream” by trapping very reactive and toxic radicals such as the radical hydroxyl, and “downstream” by detoxifying the by-products of oxidative stress (lipidic hydroperoxides, carbonyl radicals). Lastly, ALISTIN has unique structural features that give it excellent bioavailability, whilst having the properties of a natural peptide.

ALISTIN is a real star on the cosmetics market

A pioneer in anti-glycation and “reverse glycation” (deglycation), ALISTIN has been structurally optimized to avoid the traditional enzymatic degradation of peptides on the skin’s surface.
Optimal bioavailability, a powerful detoxifying effect against the accumulation of toxic forms and the repair of damage caused have made it a benchmark on the market, recognized among the 3 finalists for the In Cosmetics prize in a retrospective of 25 years of innovation.
Whether for dermo or cosmetic products,
ALISTIN is part of formulations all over the world.

ALISTIN is the anti-glycation benchmark

ALISTIN has, over the years, become one of the best anti-glycation active ingredients on the market with its 3-phase action:
1)Prevention: it traps free sugars
2)Repair: reverse glycation (deglycation)
3)Detoxification: it overcomes AGE effects (glycotoxins)

ALISTIN – anti-aging benchmark, and also an activator of your cosmetic formula

This active ingredient’s intrinsic properties make it a powerful ally for many applications where it is essential to make the environment healthier in order to obtain good results: sun protection, anti-blemish, hair treatment, anti-aging, moisturizing, etc.

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