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Photoprotection + Anti-photoaging + Whitening

Anti-oxidation + Anti-inflammation + Anti-immunosuppression

Protection against solar and domestic radiation

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All light radiation, whether solar or artificial (UV, IR, visible light), contributes to the premature aging of the skin with various consequences. Their impact depends on various factors: their energy level (short wavelengths have more energy), their concentration in the solar spectrum, their capacity to penetrate the skin, and the nature of biological molecules that are naturally present in the skin that absorbs them.

While light rays have various effects, the type of exposure is determining as regards visible effects on the skin.

Consequences of intense exposure – Overexposure to the sun causes a change in metabolisms (generating free radicals, etc.) and cellular degradation (DNA lesions, etc.) which can have visible effects on skin (edema, dryness, sensitivity, redness, etc.). These rapid effects are mainly due to UVBs.

Consequences of recurrent exposure – Over our lifetime, recurrent exposure to light radiation leads to the gradual appearance of chronic inflammation and immunosuppression. These lead to serious problems with skin and premature aging: this is called photoaging.

These two types of exposure (short and intense sun exposure; daily but moderate) are accumulated and our skin is gradually more damaged.

The objective is twofold:

Preventive effect for sunburn

  • Protecting DNA and the metabolism of skin cells
  • Limiting inflammation and edema
  • Limiting dehydration as a result of the degradation of the barrier function
  • Limiting skin sensitivity and the appearance of redness

Anti-photoaging effect

  • Avoiding skin becoming atopical: irritated and dry
  • Preventing the advent of a dull complexion and age spots
  • Avoiding skin breakdown and protecting it from lines
  • Preventing premature aging

EXSYMOL’s answer

How it works

ENTADINE helps delay the negative effects of overexposure to radiation.

ENTADINE also offers overall skin care, protecting it from intense exposure or in the long term to combat photo-aging.

Action to limit sunburn:

• Reinforces the skin’s natural defenses

• Limits immunosuppression and dry skin

• Prevents inflammation, redness and sensitivity

• Limits the visible effects of intense exposure to the sun’s rays

Action to limit photo-aging:

• Protects against environmental (sun) and domestic (artificial) radiation.

• Prevents loss of immunity.

• Prevents metabolic disruption, a source of a dull complexion and age spots

•Limits inflammation contributing to skin breakdown

• Prevents premature aging

General characteristics

ENTADINE (INCI name: EntadaphaseoloidesBark / Seedextract) is obtained by a patented extraction method from the seeds of Entadaphaseoloides.

This innovative extraction method relies on self-activation of endogenous enzymes to induce specific hydrolysis for entadamide. From its glycosylated form, without parasitic hydrolysis of the other constituents (for example, the phase-solidine).

Entada phaseoloides is a great climbing plant in the tropics.

Its seeds are used in traditional medicine to treat different skin diseases. Anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antidiabetic and antioxidant activities are also reported in the literature.

Cosmetic benefits

Consumer benefits

  • Anti-photoaging
  • Sun protection
  • Soothing effect
  • Anti-dehydration
  • Anti-wrinkle
  • Preventing blemishes
  • Whitening

Skin benefits

  • Anti-oxidant
  • Anti-immunosuppression
  • Anti-inflammation
  • Protecting DNA
  • Protecting the extracellular matrix
  • Reinforcing the skin’s natural protection
  • Melanogenesis inhibitor / tyrosinase inhibitor

Our added value

  • Anti-photoaging:

– avoids the consequences of immunosuppression

– avoids the accumulation of toxic forms

  • Anti-photo immunosuppression:

– immunodepression caused by the sun

– prevents over-expression of galectine-7

  • Long-term action: self-recycling active ingredient

The expert’s opinion

Identified active molecules


  • Standardized content of 0.25% or more
  • Limits the isomerization of urocanic acid
  • Prevents inflammation and immunosuppression
  • Photoprotector
  • Inhibits tyrosinase activity


  • Standardized content of more than 3%
  • Multi-blemish antioxidant
  • Photoprotector
Long-term effects

ENTADINE is a natural source of entadamide A which can recycle itself by isomerization when exposed to UVs.

Melanin and UCA: imperfect defense mechanisms

Skin has developed natural protection mechanisms, including urocanic acid (UCA) and melanin.

  • UCA is mainly located in the corneous layer to protect the barrier function and absorb UVBs.
  • Melanin is mainly found in the living cells of the epidermis to protect keratinocytes and absorb many UVs.

By absorbing UVs, and despite their protective capacity, melanin and UCA have a negative effect on skin. Both generate ROSs and cause inflammation. UCA also causes immunosuppression due to its isomerization.

This will contribute to further reducing homeostasis in the skin.

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