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Anti-aging – Anti-photoaging

Anti oxidation + anti glycation + regeneration

Anti pollution

Detoxification of the consequences of radiation and particles

The causes of premature aging are multiple (accumulation of damage and metabolic waste, attacks by extrinsic factors such as solar radiation or pollution, lifestyle …).

In the skin, highly exposed to extrinsic factors that generate a lot of free radicals, oxidative stress plays a major role.

The cosmetics market offers many solutions to trap and neutralize these free radicals and prevent them from triggering an oxidative cascade.

But as effective as these trappers are, not all free radicals are trapped and neutralized.

The latter cause cellular damage, mutations, metabolic alterations that impact the functions of functional (enzyme) and structural proteins (collagen, elastin).

The alteration of these different skin elements then generate toxic forms that will maintain the oxidative stress level of the skin.

Among the most known consequences:

  • The oxidation of cell membranes that induces a metabolic slowdown and decreases the regeneration capacity of the skin
  • Activation of the glycation process which leads to stiffening and staining of the structural elements and therefore a decrease in the bio-mechanical properties of the skin. This is an irreversible mechanism

These two phenomena create a negative cycle of skin degradation: glycoxidation.

It then follows a visible degradation of the skin: loss of radiance, loss of elasticity, wrinkles and increased sensitivity to environmental factors ….

The objective is therefore to propose an active agent capable of stopping oxidative stress and repairing the damage induced by oxidation and glycation to stimulate the cellular energy level, the cutaneous metabolism and therefore its regenerative capacities to cope with premature aging.


Principle of action

EXSY-ARL offers a complex and multi functional detoxification to find a healthy skin environment:

  • Anti oxidant: deactivation of free radicals, repair of peroxidized lipids
  • Anti glycation: trapping of activated sugars (oxidized), transglycation of collagen crosslinked by sugar (reverse glycation repair)

General characteristics

EXSY-ARL (INCI name: PROLINAMIDOETHYL IMIDAZOLE) is an “optimized peptide”.

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