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Anti-aging (prevention) + regeneration (repair)

Stimulation of epidermal cells for better hydration and protection

Hydration, anti-dehydration and immediate comfort

Long-lasting effect thanks to potentiated and stabilized trehalose


Dry skin and discomfort increase with age and environmental stress.

This is often a vicious circle: damaged and dry skin will be less protected, more and more sensitive and its regenerative capacity will decrease while discomfort and inflammation will grow.

The epidermis, superficial layer and therefore protective skin no longer plays its role.

The barrier function (including the hydrolipidic film) is no longer sufficient to prevent dehydration of the skin or to ensure its protection.

Over time, the damage spreads to the different compartments of the skin and the tissues relax. The cells are out of breath, the overall structure of the skin is disorganized. It becomes thinner, dries up and loses density and elasticity.

The goal is to protect and preserve the skin’s hydration and the quality of the epidermis, a true shield to limit the premature aging of the skin.


Principle of action

G.P.S. will stimulate the proliferation and activity of keratinocytes. The epidermis thickens and regains optimal functionalities: in particular a barrier function effective that prevent insensible loss of water.

the silicon contained in G.P.S. will have a global action, in particular in:

  • ensuring the maintenance of collagen fibers to combat the effects of gravity and thus ensure good elasticity to the skin.
  • stimulating the dermis fibroblasts that will synthesize more collagen for a denser and firmer skin.

Restructured tissue = skin better hydrated: The action of silicon provides a restructuring effect to the skin layers for better resistance to dehydration. G.P.S. acts in depth for optimal surface hydration.

General characteristics

G.P.S. (INCI name: SILANETRIOL TREHALOSE ETHER) is a silanol specialist in protection against dehydration. It has a heart of organic silicon that potentiates thehalose, to which it has been combined.

Organic silicon restructures the skin and normalizes the metabolism of all the cells that compose it for a global action on the skin. G.P.S. prevents dehydration in the long term.

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