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The weather, the environment, our lifestyle, and our own metabolisms are all potential sources of premature aging of the skin, with visible consequences such as dehydration, loss of elasticity, age spots, etc.

Having analyzed changes in skin exposed to different stresses, we have found that this breakdown in skin quality is due to a deterioration in its structures and its organization, reduced cellular communication and cooperation, with subsequent slowing in cutaneous metabolisms.

Cellular communication takes place at all levels of the skin, in the epidermis, the dermis and the hypodermis. There are exchanges between different cells in the same compartment, or between cells in different compartments. This cellular communication enables cells to assist and support each other. It is thus essential to maintain these exchanges at all levels.

The aim is thus to offer an active ingredient capable of preserving cellular communication from aging effects so as to maintain a level of hydration and maximum comfort.

EXSYMOL’s answer

How it works

The skin is a complex organ made up of different types of cells, including nerve cells. They play a key role in the various cellular metabolisms because they secrete cytokines capable of stimulating the action of other skin cells. In return, the other skin cells (keratinocytes, fibroblasts and adipocytes) secrete NGF (nerve growth factor) which ensures the survival and development of nerve cells.

As we age, all skin cell metabolisms slow down. In the epidermis, keratinocytes produce less NGF, which affects nerve cells and they can in turn no longer support keratinocyte activity.

GLISTIN offers an original approach to cellular communication. By protecting nerve cells in the epidermis, it supports keratinocyte activity for an enhanced barrier function and better protected and better hydrated skin.

General properties

GLISTIN (INCI name: GLUTAMYLAMIDOETHYL INDOLE) is an “optimized peptide” capable of fostering the survival and development of nerve cells in the epidermis via an NGF-like effect.

This active ingredient was specifically designed to target cells in the epidermis, and more specifically stem cells.

Cosmetic benefits

Consumer benefits

  • Hydration
  • Cutaneous protection
  • Comfort
  • Regeneration / healing

Skin benefits

  • Preventing neurodegeneration
  • Optimizing the barrier function

Customer benefits – Original concepts:

  • Neuroprotection

The expert’s opinion

GLISTIN is a neuroprotector

GLISTIN is capable of substituting the NGF and thereby fostering the survival of nerve cells in the epidermis.

GLISTIN acts on stem cells

Like NGF, GLISTIN can stimulate the proliferation of stem cells (KSC) and increase their resistance to UVs.

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