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Anti-aging (prevention) + regenerative (repair)

Optimizing the organization of fibers in skin structures and their hydratability – tone, anti-gravity

Specific applications

  • Strengthening the dermis – Anti-stretch marks, Lifting effect
  • Regeneration – Cellular renewal, Optimizing healing

Your needs

The skin’s elastic and regenerative properties evolve according to environmental stresses, our lifestyle, and age.

Over time, tissue becomes slack and skin cells wear out. Skin gets thinner and drier, and loses density and elasticity.

In addition to a sensation of discomfort related to dryness, skin loses structure and, no longer having the necessary tone to combat gravity, ends up by breaking down.

The fibers of skin’s structure (collagen, elastin) can also break down under strong mechanical constraints (pregnancy, rapid weight gain, bodybuilding, etc.), as is the case when stretch marks are formed.

In the event of injury (breach of the epidermis and dermis), the healing process is based on skin cells’ capacity to proliferate and migrate. If there is no treatment, we often see thick scars forming due to the anarchical production of disrupted fibers.

Loss of tone, firmness, appearance of wrinkles, stretch marks and scars, although they represent different stages in cutaneous damage, are the consequences of the same skin condition.

The aims are thus to hydrate well, to strengthen cutaneous tissue by preserving optimal organization of structural fibers, and to optimize the skin’s capacity to regenerate.

EXSYMOL’s answer

How it works

The dermis is the main cutaneous compartment responsible for skin’s elastic properties.

The fibroblasts in the dermis, together with the structural fibers in the extra-cellular matrix, constitute a safety net for skin tone.

  • HYDROXYPROLISILANE contributes to restructuring and organizing elastic fibers for optimal tone and hydratability.
  • The silicon in HYDROXYPROLISILANE organizes the collagen fiber network and thereby combats the effects of gravity, providing good skin elasticity
  • HYDROXYPROLISILANE stimulates fibroblasts in the dermis which synthesize more collagen for more compact and firmer skin. This organization also provides better deep hydration which is indispensable for skin tone.

General properties

HYDROXYPROLISILANE (INCI name: METHYLSILANOL HYDROXYPROLINE ASPARTATE) is a silanol specialized in firmness and cutaneous elasticity. It has a core of organic silicon which potentializes a collagen precursor, the amino acid hydroxyproline with which it has been combined.

The organic silicon restructures the skin and balances the metabolisms of all skin cells providing an overall action on skin. Silicon also plays the role of vector and increases penetration, bioavailability and thus the action of hydroxyproline.

HYDROXYPROLINE thus potentialized allows bundles of collagen fibers to be regenerated, strengthened and organized.

Cosmetic benefits

Consumer benefits

  • Hydration
  • Firmness, tone and softness
  • Combats deep and superficial lines
  • Lifting (center of face, neck) and anti-gravity (arms, chest, bottom, thighs) effect
  • Combats stretch marks
  • Fosters healing
  • Healing of acne
  • Face and body

Skin benefits

  • Overall restructuring
  • Stabilizing the epidermis
  • Stimulating keratinocytes
  • Stabilizing the dermis
  • Stimulating fibroblasts
  • Collagen synthesis
  • Optimization of the dynamic link between fibroblasts and elastic fibers
  • Stabilizing the structure of the dermal-epidermal junction
  • Improving biomechanical properties
  • Optimizing cellular communication

Our added value

  • Active ingredient for different ranges – multifunctional active ingredient: anti-aging and dermocosmetics
  • Skin care responding to skin’s needs
  • Cutaneous preparation to optimize the effectiveness of another active ingredient
  • Potentialized amino acid – collagen precursor
  • Easy formulation (stable, colorless, odorless, etc.)
  • Active ingredient assessed on pregnant women (safety and effectiveness)
  • Active ingredient assessed at the pre-operative stage (healing in cosmetic surgery)

The expert’s opinion

HYDROXYPROLISILANE is a multi-functional anti-aging active ingredient because it meets the skin’s needs first

HYDROXYPROLISILANE doesn’t seek to meet only one of your skin’s needs, but many of them! The skin can thus handle any situation.

The combination of the organic silicon core and hydroxyproline, an amino acid and collagen precursor, makes HYDROXYPROLISILANE a multi-functional active ingredient which maximizes strengthening and regeneration of the dermis. Tested (in vitro and in vivo) and approved worldwide, it is appropriate for all types of cosmetic products: cosmetics, dermocosmetics.

HYDROXYPROLISILANE is a benchmark for combating stretch marks and dermo-cosmetics

HYDROXYPROLISILANE has been the subject of many studies, including one in France on groups of pregnant women, aimed at assessing the impact of treatment on the appearance of stretch marks.

HYDROXYPROLISILANE approved by medicine and plastic surgery

The world expert in plastic surgery and cosmetic medicine, Dr Pitanguy, from Sao Paolo, Brazil, decided to assess the effectiveness of HYDROXYPROLISILANE on optimizing skin healing. The study protocol included a course of SILANOL before cosmetic treatment and demonstrated very clear improvements in terms of speed and quality of healing.

The hydroxyproline in HYDROXYPROLISILANE is one of the main amino acids that make up collagen

Hydroxyproline and hydroxylysine are the only two amino acids that stabilize collagen’s alpha helix by securing its twisted form and its elasticity.

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