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Full spectrum sun protection – UV-B, UV-A, visible (including blue light) and IR-A


Protection against all types of radicals: ROS, RNS and RCS

Intelligent active ingredient

Transformation into taurine after radicals have been trapped

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The causes of premature aging are multiple (accumulation of damage and metabolic waste, attacks by extrinsic factors such as solar radiation or pollution, lifestyle …).

The skin is the first organ in contact with the sun’s rays.

Solar radiation is made up of electromagnetic waves with different wavelengths. The shorter they are, the more energy rays have and the more damaging they are for the skin. The longer the waves, the deeper the rays penetrate into the skin.

UVs have a low wavelength (290-400nm) and are very damaging for the skin. They essentially affect the epidermis, the dermal-epidermal junction and the surface of the dermis. UVBs are particularly damaging because they are absorbed by the DNA and can cause mutations.

IR waves are long (760-4000nm) and have little energy but penetrate deeply in the dermis, affecting the activity of the cells making it up, and even the hypodermis.

Visible rays (400-760nm) affect surface layers of the dermis in different ways. Since blue light has the shortest wavelength of the visible spectrum, it is also the most damaging.

Exposure to different rays of the sun can cause DNA mutations in the worst case, or simply change the activity of the cells they affect by generating new free radicals.

This is referred to as photo-aging – the premature aging of the skin, produced by light radiation.

EXSYMOL’s answer

How it works

Trapping and detoxifying all types of radicals generated by the sun’s rays.

The OTZ molecule has a thiol group which can trap ROSs and RNSs.

It also has an amino acid that can trap RCSs.

As an intelligent active ingredient which traps ROSs or RNSs, OTZ transforms itself into taurine, an amino acid with many biological functions (improving the barrier function, trapping certain radicals, reducing photo-immunosuppression, etc.)

General properties

OTZ 10 (INCI name: OXOTHIAZOLIDINE) is a 10% dilution of the OTZ molecule synthesized by green chemistry in our laboratories.

OTZ is a patented molecule designed using predictive software to optimize its bioavailability and effectiveness. 

Cosmetic benefits

Consumer benefits

  • Preventing the appearance of lines
  • Biological complement to SPF (delays the appearance of erythema)
  • Detoxifies the skin
  • Compatible with sensitive skins
  • Preventing dehydration

Skin benefits

  • Protection of all skin compartments (epidermis, dermal-epidermal junction, dermis)
  • Protection against all types of solar rays (UV-B, UV-A, Visible and IR-A)
  • Protection from artificial light (blue light)
  • Avoids premature aging of the skin following exposure to the sun
  • Control of the inflammatory reaction

Customer benefits

  • Optimal bioavailability and penetration for heightened effectiveness.
  • High-tech design of the active ingredient by predictive software
  • Eco-friendly synthesis in accordance with the principles of green chemistry
  • “Full spectrum” sun protection without SPF

The expert’s opinion

The ideal supplement to sun filter

While for a long time a focus was placed on ultra-violet rays, we now know that visible or infra-red rays can also damage skin. It is difficult to design filtering formulations that can protect us from all of these rays, and adding anti-oxidant compounds is an attractive solution. All of these rays act by provoking the formation of radicals (ROS, RNS, etc.). OTZ 10 is an active ingredient that is particularly suitable for supplementing the action of sun filters. Firstly because of its bioavailability and its broad spectrum of anti-oxidant effects. And also because the compound has long-lasting action, and because it is very reliable. Having acted, OTZ 10 produces an amino-acid (taurine) which is very well tolerated. It is also very useful as photo-protection! Lastly, OTZ 10 is easy to formulate (odorless, colorless, with no effects on emulsions). It is very suitable for sun products or day creams.

2 in 1 active ingredient

By trapping ROSs or RNSs, OTZ transforms itself into taurine, an amino acid with anti-oxidant and osmoprotective properties.

Protection against all types of light rays

UV-B à OTZ 10 protects DNA from keratinocytes and ensures their survival.

UV-A à OTZ 10 protects the JDE and standardizes fibroblast activity in the papillary dermis.

IR à OTZ 10 protects the extracellular matrix (structure fibers).

Visible light, including blue light à OTZ 10 protects fibroblast activity and prevents premature aging of the skin.

By protecting skin from all light rays, OTZ means that you can enjoy the sun without suffering the consequences for skin in any of the compartments that make it up.

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