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Anti-aging for hair

Delays hair loss

Hair care

Panthenol acts as a sheath – Restructuring and reparative effect

Scalp care

Stimulation of epidermis cells for better hair growth

Anti-aging (prevention) + regeneration (repair)

Stimulation of epidermal cells for better hydration and protection

Hydratation, anti-deshydratation et confort immédiat

Long-lasting effect thanks to potentiated and stabilized panthenol

Your needs

Soothing skin care

Dry skin and discomfort increase with age and environmental stress.

This is often a vicious circle: damaged and dry skin will be less protected, more and more sensitive and its regenerative capacity will decrease while discomfort and inflammation will grow.

The epidermis, superficial layer and therefore protective skin no longer plays its role.

The barrier function (including the hydrolipidic film) is no longer sufficient to prevent dehydration of the skin or to ensure its protection.

Over time, the damage spreads to the different compartments of the skin and the tissues relax. The cells are out of breath, the overall structure of the skin is disorganized. It becomes thinner, dries up and loses density and elasticity.

The goal is to protect and preserve the skin’s hydration and the quality of the epidermis, a true shield to limit the premature aging of the skin.

Hair care

Hair is a means of seduction that can be personalized or accessorized according to mood, the seasons, or even the color of your outfit. Hair can be straightened, curled, cut, extended or styled in many ways, and colored from an infinite range of tones and colors.

However, making such changes to hair often means chemical (color, etc.) or physical (perms, blow-dry, etc.) treatment that can damage hair.

Age and pollution also play a predominant role in hair quality. Over time, hair gets finer, becomes dull, grows more slowly and falls out.

The aim is to stimulate hair growth and to protect and repair it.

EXSYMOL’s answer

How it works

Soothing skin care

At first, it is necessary to relieve the skin with an instantaneous action on the epidermis and to minimize the dehydration and the feeling of discomfort. PANTESINOL forms a film on the surface of the skin and provides long-lasting protection all day long.

In a second step, PANTESINOL will stimulate the proliferation and activity of keratinocytes. The epidermis thickens and regains optimal functionalities: in particular a barrier function effective that prevent insensible loss of water.

the silicon contained in PANTESINOL will have a global action, notably in:

  • ensuring the maintenance of collagen fibers to combat the effects of gravity and thus ensure good elasticity to the skin.
  • stimulating the dermis fibroblasts that will synthesize more collagen for a denser and firmer skin.

Protected and relieved on the surface, the skin is gradually regenerated to then be able to cope with any situation that may induce dehydration and / or discomfort.

Restructurated tissue = better hydrated skin. The silicium provides a restructuring activity to the skin hence allowing a better “hydratability”. PANTESINOL acts in depth for an optimal surface hydration.

Hair care

Pantesinol has a triple action to improve hair health:

Pantesinol repairs hair by restoring cuticle integrity.

Over time, pollution and various capillary treatments damage the hair shaft. The cuticle, a shield formed of keratin scales is degraded, which makes hair more fragile and dull. The silicon in Pantesinol interacts with the keratin scales to restructure the cuticle and make hair strong and shiny

Pantesinol protects the hair shaft by forming a protective sheath

The panthenol in Pantesinol forms a protective sheath along the shaft which gives hair a thicker appearance and makes it easier to comb and shinier.

Pantesinol stimulates cellular activity in the scalp

The silicon in Pantesinol stimulates the proliferation of keratinocytes in the pilar papilla and fosters hair growth.

General properties

Pantesinol (INCI: name Silanetriol (and) Panthenol) is a silanol with an organic silicon core combined with panthenol (or provitamin B5).

The organic silicon restructures the skin and balances the metabolisms of all skin cells providing an overall action on skin. In the hair, silicon interacts with keratin fibers to strengthen the shaft and restore the cuticle.

Panthenol forms a protective sheath along the hair shaft.

Cosmetic benefits

Consumer benefits

  • Protected hair
  • Stronger hair
  • Hair has a thicker appearance
  • Easier to style
  • Shinier hair
  • Stimulates growth

Skin benefits

  • Seals keratin scales in the cuticle for better protection, greater resistance and brighter hair
  • Stimulates the proliferation of keratinocytes on the surface of the pilar papilla
  • Protective sheath

Our added value

  • Active ingredient for scalp and hair care
  • Presence of panthenol
  • Easy formulation (stable, colorless, odorless, etc.)

The expert’s opinion

Pantesinol offers immediate action

The panthenol immediately forms a protective layer along the hair shaft for a thickening effect and brighter hair that is easier to style.

Pantesinol offers long-lasting action

Pantesinol stimulates cellular activity in the scalp. In this way, the keratinocytes in the pilar follicle proliferate further, which stimulates hair growth.

A sealed cuticle for glossy hair

The cuticle is the layer of the hair nearest the surface. It is composed of keratin scales. When they are sealed next to each other, the hair surface is smooth and reflects light for glossy hair.

In damaged hair, the keratin scales separate and have a dull appearance.

Pantesinol smooths the keratin scales in the cuticle for glossy hair.

Optimization of reparative active ingredients from the pharmacy

Panthenol is provitamin B5, a humidifying agent capable of sticking to the cuticle surface and binding many water molecules.