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Find here the scientific article published in Personal Care June 2020 on our last Scutaline launch.

Anti-aging : prevention of wrinkles and age spots

Prevents the appearance and accumulation of senescent cells

Anti-inflamm’aging activity

Anti-Zombie Cells activity

Soothing effect

Prevents and reduces the accumulation of pro-inflammatory markers and toxic forms



Age and exposure have visible effects on the skin. Over time, the skin becomes fragile, sensitive and reactive.

Inflamm’aging, also known as “Secret Killer” is not only a term used by marketing: it is a chronic and silent inflammation of the skin.

Although this phenomenon affects all age groups, urban populations 40+ are the most affected by inflammation.


Inflammation starts with the first cells that enter senescence.

Cellular senescence is induced by age and associated with ROS generated by the exposome (exposure wheel below).

These senescent cells will generate pro-inflammatory cytokines – also called SASP for Senescence-Associated Secretory Phenotype – which create a pro-inflammatory microenvironment.

Inflamm’aging is a low-grade inflammation that is not detectable and therefore untreated.

This is why it potentially generates visible long-term damage, the result of insidious structural and metabolic degradation of the skin.

Exposome wheel

The objective is therefore to compensate protect and regenerate the structures put in place by the skin, such as the barrier function, to oppose the insensitive loss of water.


How it works

SCUTALINE soothes the skin and prevents its premature aging thanks to a double preventive and curative action.


Prevention to avoid aging and stay in shape. Anti-senescence effect: avoid a premature slowing of the metabolism.

SCUTALINE limits chronic inflammation and its effects: delays the appearance of senescent cells, protects against degradation of the extracellular matrix and helps maintain optimal cell metabolism to age well.


Anti-SASP effect: avoid the spread of metabolic slowing down, contamination by “Zombie Cells”.

SCUTALINE limits the chronic degradation of the extracellular matrix, which by contamination of neighboring cells, can spread, limits the multiplication of senescent cells to prevent premature aging of the skin.

Main features

SCUTALINE (INCI name: SCUTELLARIA BAICALENSIS ROOT EXTRACT) is a natural active ingredient from an adaptogenic plant: skullcap, native to northeastern China.

This active ingredient contains a standardized amount of two polyphenols recognized in Traditional Chinese Medicine for their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties: wogonin and baicaleine, respectively.

Scutellaria baicalensis


Consumer benefits

  • Soothing effect
  • Prevention of signs of aging
  • Anti-dehydration
  • Youger general appearance
  • Sweetness
  • Radiance

Skin benefits

  • Senescence prevention
  • Inflammation prevention
  • Synergistic action between wogonine and baicaleine: Inhibition of NFκB by wogonine and favored degradation of HIF-1ɑ by wogonine
  • Nrf2 activation by baicaleine
  • COX-2 inhibition by baicaleine

Customer benefits : original concepts

  • Extract from the roots of a plant used in Traditional Chinese Medicine,
  • Standardized extract – by an innovative process – in wogonin and baicalein, two references for their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, respectively.
  • Anti-Zombie Cells activity


Senescence : précursor of inflamm’aging

Senescence is a choice made by the aged cell in the face of mutations in its DNA and which stops its proliferation.

The cell chooses to live in degraded mode, it continues to produce even if it is of lower quality, but at lower energy cost!

Zombie cell

These cells are called ZombieCells.

The other choice the cell can make is apoptosis. This is programmed cell death. This allows the total elimination of anomalies.

This choice induces a high energy expenditure since the cell will have to be replaced.

The consequences of the choice of senescence leads to inflammation induced by SASP and the activity of macrophages. This causes the vicious circle of inflamm’aging.


Wogonine and baicaleine, a synergistic action

In order to optimize the performance of SCUTALINE, we have developed and patented an original mechanism of natural enrichment in wogonine and baicalein, soothing molecules, commonly used for their pharmaceutical efficacy.


  • is an NFκB inhibitor
  • promote the degradation of HIF-1ɑ


  • is an activator of Nrf2
  • is an inhibitor of COX-2