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Reduces the storage of fat by preventing a “UPR” (unfolded protein response)

Anti-yoyo effect

Lipolysis + Anti-lipogenesis + Anti-adipogenesis


Having a fit body is a goal for most people. This goal is in fact subject to 3 biological mechanisms in the fatty tissue:

1) Adipogenesis: Differentiation and multiplication of pre-adipocytes into mature and functioning adipocytes
2) Lipogenesis: lipid contribution stored as lipid droplets
3) Lipolysis: excretion of lipids

Our efforts are usually focused on stimulating stage 3: lipolysis.

Physical activity, balanced diet, applications of caffeine-based cosmetics, etc., can offer good results and the results can be seen quickly.

However, we are all familiar with the disillusion of not being stabilize this weight loss. We are in fact victims of a functional adaptation by our body which is contradictory to our wish to lose these unwanted fat reserves: the yoyo effect .

The yoyo effect is a strategy put in place by our body to deal with the physiological stress engendered by a diet or physical effort. They favor weight loss and our energy reserves go down. This provokes an adaptive response from the organism: it prepares to favor the accumulation of fats (when they are available).

As soon as we depart from our regime following a reduction in fat reserves (an energy resource which is positive for the organism), our metabolism will favor adipogenesis and the possibility to accumulate more fat.

This development in fatty tissue is one of the reasons for the appearance of cellulite due to rigidification in the cutaneous fatty tissue.

Age, hormonal changes (such as, for example, the menopause) will amplify this difficulty to stabilize and the visual effects. The aim is therefore to offer an innovative and alternative approach stabilizing stages 1 – adipogenesis and 2 – lipogenesis, to guarantee stability in cutaneous fat structure, and its suppleness by minimizing the impact of the various factors that invariably seek to make it proliferate


How it works

We have discovered an original mechanism for action involving the UPR (unfolded protein response) in the endoplasmic reticulum which is responsible for triggering the maturing of pre-adipocytes into functional adipocytes capable of absorbing and accumulating fats..
Slimagine can control the accumulation of fat by adapting the three mechanisms involved in the metabolism of fats: adipogenesis, lipogenesis and lipolysis.
In addition to a preventive effect, SLIMAGINE limits the yoyo effect which follows lipolytic activity and the re-accumulation of fat and an increase in fatty tissue.
SLIMAGINE offers a unique anti-aging slimming approach through its innovative way of working which targets the UPR, a mechanism involved both in adipogenesis and the “yoyo effect”. With its chaperone molecule content, Slimagine can inhibit the UPR. Slimagine also inhibits lipolysis, which supplements its slimming action.

General properties

SLIMAGINE (INCI name: Palmaria palmata extract) is a natural active ingredient from high-tech farming in Nova Scotia (Canada): algal strain selection, monitored conditions to obtain maximum biomass with optimal bioactive effectiveness. SLIMAGINE is rich in flavonoids and contains chaperones that are indispensable to inhibiting UPR’s signaling pathways in the endoplasmic reticulum.


Consumer benefits

By bringing full control to fat accumulation, SLIMAGINE can provide slimming benefits whilst preventing the yoyo effect (re-accumulation after a diet).

  • Loss of cm
  • Draining effect
  • Anti-cellulite
  • Anti-yoyo
  • Skin tone
  • Suppleness
  • Soothing effect

Skin benefits

  • Reduces adipocyte differentiation: anti-adipogenesis
  • Reduces fat absorption: anti-lipogenesis
  • Increases fat excretion: stimulates lipolysis
  • Stops the unfolded protein response

Customer benefits – Original concepts:

  • Anti-yoyo effect – decoy against our organism’s need to store fat
  • Constructive wish to slim – Consolidate benefits of discharging fatty acids
  • Anti-UPR effect – Limits the activation of fatty tissue growth
  • Anti-cellulite effect – limitation of fibrosis of collagen IV
  • Anti-aging approach to slimming – preventing metabolic and structural disruption of cutaneous fatty tissue


An original and synergetic approach to slimming

Exsymol offers a very comprehensive active ingredient for slimming because it acts on 3 major mechanisms involved in putting on weight. It thus potentializes the effects of a diet or physical training sessions. But it also acts subsequently to avoid putting weight back on quickly (what is called the “yoyo effect”). Its action on an overlooked mechanism, the UPR, shows why it is special, and makes it an active ingredient which is particularly suitable for applications in “slimming cocktails”.

Cellulite prevention

Our trials have demonstrated a link between stimulating adipogenesis, the growth of fatty lobules and collagen IV to organize them according to their rigidification and the appearance of cellulite.
One avenue of research is to observe the influence of variations in cutaneous fatty tissue under the effects of hormonal changes:
Hormonal changes such as menopause can lead to a loss of control and favor adipogenesis.

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