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Anti-aging (prevention) + regenerative (repair)

Stimulation of cells in the epidermis to provide better hydration and protection

Acts on cells in the dermis to provide a plumping effect

Tan enhancer

Provides tyrosine, the melanin precursor, for better natural tanning


Over time, and with the effects of exposure to the sun, tissue becomes slack and skin cells wear out. Skin gets thinner and drier, and loses density and elasticity.

A healthy complexion and tanned skin is both desirable from the point of view of skin protection, since melanin protects us from the sun’s rays, and also from an aesthetic point of view.

The aim is thus to protect the skin from the effects of time by providing it with good hydration, firmness and elasticity; improving protection from the sun’s rays; and fostering tanning for a healthy complexion.


How it works

Tyrosilane restructures the skin

The silicon in Tyrosilane helps to organize all of the structural components in the skin (fibers of collagen, of elastin, GAG, etc.), and stimulates the activity of all skin cells with many anti-aging benefits (hydration, firmness, elasticity, etc.)

Tyrosilane promotes tanning

Tyrosilane increases the number of melanocytes and their capacity to produce melanin for better tanning.

General properties

Tyrosilane (INCI name: Methylsilanol acetyltyrosine) is a silanol with an organic silicon core combined with tyrosine, the precursor of melanin

Organic silicon restructures the skin and balances the metabolisms of all skin cells providing an overall action on skin. Organic silicon stimulates the proliferation of melanocytes. Potentialized tyrosine fosters melanogenesis. There is thus an increase in melanocytes which produce more melanin, activating tanning


Consumer benefits

  • Hydration
  • Softness, firmness, density and elasticity
  • Anti-wrinkle
  • Face and body
  • Reduction of fat tissue
  • Natural tan enhancer

Skin benefits

  • Overall restructuring
  • Stimulating keratinocytes
  • Stimulating fibroblasts
  • Stimulating collagen production
  • Stimulating melanocytes
  • Stimulating melanin production (melanogenesis)
  • Stabilizing adipocyte metabolism (lypolysis, adipogenesis)
  • Improving biomechanical properties
  • Optimizing the dynamic link between fibroblasts and elastic fibers
  • Stabilizing the epidermis
  • Stabilizing the structure of the dermal-epidermal junction
  • Stabilizing the dermis
  • Optimizing cell communication

Customer benefits – Original concepts:

  • Multi-functional active ingredient
  • Cutaneous preparation to optimize the effectiveness of another active ingredient
  • Potentialized tyrosine
  • Easy formulation (stable, colorless, odorless, etc.)


Tyrosilane is a multi-functional anti-aging active ingredient because it meets the skin’s needs first

TYROSILANE doesn’t seek to meet only one of your skin’s needs, but all of them! It can thus handle any situation.

The combination of the organic silicon core and tyrosine makes TYROSILANE a multi-functional active ingredient targeted on melanocytes and their melanin-synthesizing action. Tested (in vitro and in vivo) and approved worldwide, it is appropriate for all types of cosmetic products: for sun, day, face and body.

TYROSILANE provides tyrosine, the precursor to melanogenesis

Melanin is a pigment which can absorb UV rays and protect the skin from the sun.

Melanocytes are cells in the epidermis whose role is to produce melanin through melanogenesis which is triggered by exposure to UVs.

There are 2 types of melanin: red pheomelanin and brown eumelanin, which is responsible for tanning.

Tyrosilane provides potentialized tyrosine. It thus fosters melanogenesis and better tanning.

TYROSILANE is not a self-tanning product!

Tyrosilane promotes natural tanning of the skin by facilitating the normal process of melanogenesis. Exposure to the sun is still necessary to activate the melanocytes.

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