product name description
Albatin® Innovative and alternative inhibitor of malanogenesis.
Algisium C® The roots of the SILANOL technology. Organic silicium stabillized by alginic acid.
Alistin® Bio-better peptide, anti glycation active ingredient benchmark! Innovative and multiple levels of cutaneous protection and repair.
Arct'alg® Extract of a polar alga, rich in cosntituents ensuring its survival in extreme conditions.
Argilip® Alternative lipolytic stimulation via cells communication (NO).
Argisil C® Organic silicium stabilized by a derivative of arginine.
Ascorbosilane C® Mutual stabilization of organic silicium and ascorbic acid.
Auxistim G® Bio-better vegetal peptide.


product name description
Cafeisilane C® Organic silicium stabilized with caffeine.
Capalgin Anti-aging for hair
Capillisil Haute Concentration® Higly concentrated organic siliciulm specifacily designed for scalp restructuration and hair care strenghtening.
Chronocyclin® Get the benefits of the sun without the risk, circadian rhythms resynchronization, optimized vitamin D production.


product name description
D.s.b. C ® Organic silicium stabilized by salicylic acid.
D.s.h.c N® Organic silicium stabilized by hyaluronic acid of high molecular weight.
Disilanol C+ The other Silanol Technology


product name description
E.s.a.® Hydroglycolic extract rich in sulfurized amino acids, partially deodorized with a strong anti-oxidant potential.
Emulzome EMULZOME®: nanodispersion stable without surfactant
Epidermosil® Organic silicium stabilized by hyaluronic acid of low molecular weight.
Exage The antidote against cell poisoning due to glycotoxines
Exsy-Algine® Biobetter polar alga peptide (derivative of arginine) ensuring alga survival in extreme conditions.
Exsy-Arl® The anti polution version of ALISTIN.
Exsymtal Alaria esculenta extract caracterised byits ability to resist against extreme conditions.


product name description
G.p.s.® Organic silicium stabilized by threalose.
Glistin® The benchmark for neuropeptides fighting skin premature aging, optimized repair of damaged and sensitive skin.
Glutrapeptide® 2nd generation of neuro peptides, specifically tested for its ability to normalize the metabolisms linked with slimming, synergistic with caffeine.


product name description
Hydroglycolic Extracts Extraction of 1kg of vegetal for 1kg.
Hydroxyprolisilane C N® Organic silicium stabilized by hydroxyproline (one of the units of collagene).


product name description
Imudilin® "vaccin like effect".


product name description
Lasilium® Organic silicium stabilized by lactic acid.
Liposiliol C® Oily version of SILANOLS.


product name description
Meiyanol Ecoresponsible extract of elderberry flowers
Methiopeptide® ********* Bio-better peptide of mitochondria *********
Ms Hc® Organic silicium stabilized by collagene.


product name description
Oleosterines - Hydrumines Unsaponifiable fraction in hydroglycolic phase, caracterised by high levels of phytosterols.
Otz 10® Precursor of taurine, large spectrum of scavenging, Conversion of toxic energy (free radicals) into anti aging benefits (cell protection and hydration.


product name description
Phykosil 2000 Eco
Phykosil S Natural version of the SILANOL technology.
Phykosil S
Pro Dsb® Precursor of the SILANOL technology for hydrophobic formulation.
Protulines® Micro alga rich in proteins.


product name description


product name description
Silhydrate C® Organic silicium stabilized by sodium PCA (NMF).
Silpearl® Organic silicium stabilized by an extract of pearl.
Silysin C4® Organic silicium stabilized by lysine.
Sirhamnose Anti-aging, dermocosmetics
Solexyl Active capable of strengthening skin defences against the noxious effects of UV


product name description
Theophyllisilane C® Organic silicium stabilized by a xanthic basis.
Tyrosilane® Organic silicium stabilized by tyrosine.


product name description
Xantalgosil C® Organic silicium stabilized by a xanthic basis.