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Designer of cosmetic actives since 1972

Specialist of the skin and its needs
Expert in organic silicium technology
Conception of active, innovative and effective solutions
Technical reference for treating cosmetics
Ingredients in accordance to the highest standards
Scientific international recognition
Reactivity, customer and market focus
Get inspired by to find Nature original solutions
A visionary strategy for an eco-friendly growth

EXSYMOL : Definition

EXExtraction of innovative ideas from nature
SYSynthesis of biomimetic natural molecules
MOLMOLynthesis of biomimetic natural molecules

During the 60’s the idea of Exsymol sprouted in the mind of Jean Gueyne. This researcher and pharmacist in Bordeaux University (France) saw all the potential of organic silicium.

It took many years of research to produce a stable and bioavailable form of organic silicium.

The first application of these active forms was as pharmaceutical specialty, especially in eye drops or as treatment for connective tissues (such as osteoarthritis, arteriosclerosis, or osteoporosis…).

It’s only later that cosmetic brands such as Biotherm (which was located in Monaco in the early 70’s) got interested in the organic silicium because of its benefits on a specific connective tissue: the skin

Creation of a concept

Jean Gueyne and Marie-Christine Seguins, founders of EXSYMOL, seized the opportunity of exploiting the organic silicium for the cosmetic industry and for the beauty market in general.

EXSYMOL was thus founded in 1972 in Monaco. It’s aim: to make evolve the cosmetic industry from decorative to treating

Conception of a craftmanship

EXSYMOL studies skin biology and attend to international conventions. Thanks to its deep knowledge of the connective tissue and with the organic silicium technology, EXSYMOL revolutionized the cosmetic market by bringing the skin’s need in the spotlight

The birth of a family of cosmetic ingredients: the SILANOLS

EXSYMOL’s pharmaceutical expertise allowed to combine organic silicium with many actives widely acknowledged by dermatologists, plastic surgeons and skin specialists.

SILANOLS henceforth are a family of unavoidable actives with more than 25 references and a unique mechanism of action.

EXSYMOL’s expertise for optimizing natural extracts and peptides

Why should we limit ourselves to our own family of actives? In order to meet the market needs, EXSYMOL used its expertise to optimize peptides and natural actives for providing the skin with relevant solutions

Cosmetic actives in the service of the skin

Our expertise in skin biology and our craftmanship for designing and manufacturing active ingredients only have one goal: to provide the market with scientific solutions for the skin rejuvenation and well being.