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Our history : the founding elements

From organic silicium to treating cosmetics and

Craft founding element
Corporate founding element

Discovery of the interest of silicium

Skin biology
Avant-garde studies on oxidative stress and connective tissue
1970 : Commercialization of then first stabilized organic silicium
Usage of stabilized organic silicium in anti-cataract eye drops
1972 : Exsymol
Creation of EXSYMOL Official entry in the cosmetic market
1974 : Silanols
Creation of the range of actives SILANOLS – Worldwide innovation based around the silicium element
1976 : André Franco
Joins EXSYMOL and will become its general manager
1980 : Worldwide distribution
Set up of a stable and effective network of distributors worldwide
1986 : 1st participation to the IFSCC congress
EXSYMOL positions itself on the highly scientific niche
1990 - 2000 : Peptides and natural actives
EXSYMOL uses its expertise and its knowledge on skin to improve the bioavailability and the efficacy of peptides and natural actives
1990 : Pioneer in anti-glycation
EXSYMOL proposes solutions in several cosmetic themes such as glycation, cell communication, chronobiology and neuro-cosmetics
1996: 1st Iso Certification
EXSYMOL set and keep on setting up facilities and an organization that allows for a compliance with the highest international standards
1990 – 2000 : Company set up
Integration of 3 craft collaborators in the early 90’s who will later join the borad: Christophe Paillet, Jean-François Nicolaÿ and Georges Langrand
Since 2010, reworking of our facilities
Anticipation of regulatory and standard changes. Since then, EXSYMOL obtained GMP-Ci certification and was awarded with Ecovadis gold recognition level.
Since 2010 : Rejuvenation of the silanol technology
Modern techniques allow for the visualization of the silicium benefits on skin. This opens new perspectives for SILANOLS and their application.
2015 : Natural actives
Development of natural actives according to an ecoresponsible method (green chemistry, COSMOS certification, valorization of byproducts...)
2011 : Pierre Bondon
Following A. Franco retirement, P. Bondon was appointed general manager.
2016: Communication on our CSR policy
Definition and formalization of our CSR policy
2017 : Silanols
New techniques allow EXSYMOL to further increase its knowledge on the SILANOL’s biological and biomechanical activities.
Specialist of the skin and its needs
Expert in organic silicium technology
Conception of active, innovative and effective solutions
Technical reference for treating cosmetics
In accordIngredients ance to the highest standards
Scientific international recognition
Reacticustomer vity, and market focus
Get inspired by Nature to find original solutions
A visionary strategy for an eco-friendly growth