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Our values

EXSYMOL’s founders, Mrs. Marie-Christine Seguin and Mr. Jean Gueyne established a corporate culture that allowed for the company growth. This culture persists at the instigation Mr. Pierre Bondon, General Manager

Traditions and longevity

Decades of craftmanship inherited from our pharmaceutical origins and from our expertise in fine chemistry


Our customers and their needs are our top priority. The skin’s youth and its wellbeing are our passions.


Identification and characterization of novel mechanisms in skin

Mastery and knowledge

Relevant solutions for the skin’s needs


Our products are internationally recognized because of a cutting edge scientific objectivation.
The constant satisfaction of our customers is our priority

Respect of the environment

A CSR policy together with a clean chemistry in order to provide our customers with low environmental impact products.

To grant wishes and dreams

Cosmetics aim at fulfilling one’s ideal with its share of magic. We do our best to make it happen

The company’s Corporate Social Responsibility policy

For many years, our teams of researchers, operators, managers and administrators are committed to create and to exploit cosmetic, pharmaceutical and nutraceuticals actives that fit to our customer needs.
The control of environment and security if the foundation of our sustainable development.

This approach is part of a policy that applies to all services and in a background where our company’s independence and authenticity are tokens of durability for our customers.

Recognition of our continuous effort:

Pacte national de
transition énergétique


Gold Level ecovadis


Récompense nationale par le prix RSE

All collaborators (Directors and managers, CSR teams, QSE teams, Operators and technicians, Technical and administrative teams) are naturally bound to play their part in all aspect of our activity.

Especially for the next 5 years, we focus our efforts on 5 main domains:

To reduce our carbon footprint

  • To reduce by 25% our water, electricity consumption by the end of 2028 and to use a 100% sustainable energy (contract SMEG EGEO signed since 2016),
  • To optimize and monitor the functioning of our industrial tool in order to control our energy consumption (GTC),
  • To save water by installing closed loop systems or by recycling cleaning water,
  • To rethink our travels and to use ecological vehicles (or alternative transportations).

To control our different wastes

  • To treat all liquid and solid waste generated by our industrial activity,
  • To control our gas rejections,
  • To valorise our waste by specialized subcontractors,
  • To sort our waste internally in order to reduce our common industrial waste (CIW).

To reinforce our customers’ trust

  • To insure the innocuousness of all our commercial products,
  • To customize our customer care, and to be reactive to their needs,
  • To prove by scientific and clinical tests all the claims of our products,
  • To aim for excellency in terms of security in order to ensure the durability of our industrial tool,
  • To protect all personal data in our systems for customers, employees, suppliers and any other interested party.

Sustainable innovation and responsible purchases

  • To keep on developing actives using natural sourcing (high level of naturality) while following the principles of green chemistry,
  • To innovate and to valorise local sources of by-products,
  • To prioritize local suppliers,
  • To alert our suppliers to money laundry, corruption and child labour.

To reinforce civil protection

  • To fight against discrimination, harassment and disparities,
  • To guarantee man-woman equality,
  • To ensure an efficient and frequent social dialogue,
  • To maintain a high level of requirement in terms of health and safety in our employees’ working places,
  • To mobilize and to raise funds for charity (No Finish Line Monaco). 

The board has integrated these stakes in the management of the Company’s activities. The associated targets will allow us to better answer to our customer needs, to meet the Principality of Monaco’s will to reach carbon neutrality by 2050, and to provide our employees with the best working conditions.