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Silanols, Exsymol originals

In the beginning, a simple statement: the concentration of silicium, an essential element of the skin, decreases with time. This leads to the structural collapse of the skin and to the slowing down of all skin cell metabolisms.

In order to replenish the skin’s pool of silicium, Exsymol created the organic silicium.
This highly bioavailable form of silicium is capable of quickly integrating the skin 3D structure, and thus of compensating for the natural loss of silicium.
Since then, Exsymol developed a whole range of cosmetic actives with a core of organic silicium: the SILANOLS.
Easy to formulate, they are ideal for all finished products: as star ingredient or as an active basis of formulation.

All silanols have the same core of organic silicium which provides them with a panel of shared benefits:

  • They are architects: skin restructuration
  • They are coaches: normalization and optimization of the metabolic activity
  • They are protectors: by combining to several skin constituents, they protect the skin from different stresses
  • They are smart carriers: they improve the bioavailability of any active they are combined to hence potentializing their activity (“booster effect”) while still providing all the silanol benefits (restructuring, stimulating…).