Exsymol SAM

Creation of cosmetic actives in compliance with pharmaceutical standards

The Exsymol company was created in 1972 by Mrs Seguin and Mr Gueyne who decided to use their pharmaceutical expertise for the cosmetic industry.


Fev 2018: Actifs d'origine marine / Marine actives


Janvier 2018: COSMETAGORA


Cosmetic active

EXSYMOL features its creative power dedicated to beauty by designing cosmetic active ingredients. Thanks to their biological properties, these actives are created to enhance the capacity of all cosmetic or dermo-cosmetic products, formulated by any brands, willing to claim a real treatment action. All our cosmetic actives are endowed with a full substantiation file and literature, to guarantee their performance and complete safety.
Our molecules and extracts are developed by our researchers, in our laboratories, or in collaboration with universities, able to bring their expertise to our cosmetic actives.
EXSYMOL is expert in organic silicon derivatives, and peptides. This know-how results in 2 major families of cosmetic actives: silanols, for firming and anti-aging, and peptides, to normalize the cutaneous metabolism. All our cosmetic actives originate or are inspired from nature.