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Our active ingredients in the spotlight in the latest EC64 Cosmetic Expression!
20 August 2020

SCUTALINE, top active ingredients in vogue in the special ‘well-aging’ file!

Discover or rediscover our offer for well aging by clicking HERE !
To know everything about scutaline (scutaline decreases and prevents the senescence) , follow THIS LINK !

Special mention for SILICIUM ! With 45 years of experience and research on the subject, Exsymol research continues to innovate and study the benefits of silicon on the skin through the use of hi-tech techniques.

A reminder on SILICIUM ? Click HERE to find the special Exsymol TV episode launched during our virtual InCosmetic!

Press news
22 June 2020


Find here the scientific article published in Personal Care June 2020 on our last Scutaline launch.

Skin and emotions

Discover our skin concept, “mirror of our emotions”, published in EC n°63

Exsymol TV

We talk about it! Discover the articles published in Personal care and Expression Cosmétique relaying the launch of the Exsymol TV channel!

Video channel launched for actives company
A rich program on Exsymol TV

World environment day
05 June 2020

Time for nature! We share with you our key figures related to our constant commitment to preserving the environment, thanks to the initiatives carried out in the CSR policy.

All the informations HERE !

Event in Latin America
02 June 2020
Gustavo Lopez, our representative in Latin America, will give a conference on June 8th on psychological stress and its effects on the skin!
10 April 2020

We are pleased to annonce our 2020 innovation, SCUTALINE, the anti-senescence and anti-Zombie cells active ingredient! This active ingredient comes from the Scutellaria baicalensis plant and its innovative process has been patented.

Everything you want to know on scutaline HERE.

Please click here to find our teaser video. A detailed explanatory video of the product is coming very soon!

We wish you a great discovery!

02 April 2020

We are pleased to announce the Exsymol TV launch!

Please click here to find all our videos on our website ! Follow us on VIMEO and YouTube!

This season1 is the opportunity to present our new image : new Visual identity, new logo, modernity and dynamism ! We also present to you how Exsymol has adapted to the COVID situation.

SPECIAL SERIE : InCosmetics global Barcelona has been postponed ? We stay close to you and share in our ‘Virtal InCosmetics ” 6 videos concerning our actualities, launch, innovations and Scientific expertise !

Enjoy watching our videos !

18 March 2020

Dear Customer, dear Partner,

Following the latest governmental instructions due to the rapidly spreading epidemic of Covid-19, we need to implement a safeguarding plan in these difficult times.  

Therefore, in order to protect our employees and their relatives, to face this important challenge, we have decided the following :

  • The company will reduce its activities this Friday evening, the 20th of March. 
  • We have set up teleworking from home for a limited number of people from the sales, scientific and general services. By maintaining this activity, we will be able to ensure partial operations and prepare for the reopening.

We will stay mobilized for our customers and partners and will continue monitoring the situation and its evolution. We look forward to resuming a normal activity with you as soon as possible.

Please take care and stay safe,


Pierre Bondon


16 March 2020

Given the exceptional context and the evolving situation regarding COVID-19, we are taking the full measure of the necessary dispositions and making everyone’s health a priority. Our customers and our employees are at the heart of our concerns, which is why we currently apply all the recommended health precautions.

We remain attentive to the daily government directives and apply a continuity plan which ensures in particular the delivery of our products in quality and due time.

We are also taking advantage of this period of solidarity, which is essential to overcome this event, to look towards future and prepare for recovery.

Distribution in France
09 January 2020

EXSYMOL and UNIPEX signed an agreement for the exclusive distribution in France !

UNIPEX will use its knowledge of the French cosmetic market, its professional network, and its formulation expertise to promote EXSYMOL’s actives to all French customers.

Find here all the details of this agreement!

Poland : Exsymol attended a seminar on naturalness
05 December 2019
NRC Poland team together with all the speakers

Exsymol attended a seminar on naturalness in Warsaw on November 27th.

In front of an audiance of over 85 people, our Communication manager Emmanuel COSTE presented “Silanols: When technology also means naturalness”.

Thanks to all the NRC Poland team for organizing this amazing seminar!

Emmanuel COSTE
Communication manager
E. COSTE presenting the silicium content in skin
CSR: Exsymol commits for children
25 November 2019

The 2019 edition of the NoFinish Line just ended and, once again this year, Exsymol swang into action for disadvantaged children.

With over 700km ran, Exsymolians have braved both wind and rain for supporting the action of Children & Future.

For more information about the NoFinish Line, click here.

CSR : Exsymol takes the gold
11 November 2019

This year again, Exsymol gets the Gold medal from EcoVadis for its CSR performance.

Located in the heart of the Principality of Monaco, Exsymol always self imposed the strictest environmental restrains. This award from EcoVadis is the result of our CSR commitment at a national and at a global level

At a national level, Exsymol supports the National Energy Transition Pact, ensures the waste control (safe and unrecyclable waste is converted to electricity for the Principality to use), and keeps searching for innovative technical solutions to meet with the specificities of an urban location (such as free cooling)

At a global level, Exsymol commits to environment protection and to an ethical grorwth with concrete actions:
Protection of environment : Définition of a volatile organic compound control plan.
Energy and resources savings: Optimization of our water consumption.
Ethics : Highest standards for the traceability of our raw materials and compliance to the Nagoya protocol desptite the fact that the Principality of Monaco did not sign this protocol.

Exsymol commits to maintaining its efforts for supporting environment, for ensuring social and ethical justice, and for enforcing a virtuous supply chain in the years to come.

Argentina : Conference on the effects of emotional stress on skin
30 October 2019

During the 7th Argentinian congress of cosmetic chemistry (Congreso Argentino de Quimica Cosmética) which will be held in Cariol, Argentina, Gustavo Lopez will give a conference entitled “Psycho-emotional stress and its negative effects on skin. A new challenge for treatment cosmetics”.

Come attending to this conference which will be held on Friday, November 1st at 16h25.

EXSYMOL runs for children
21 October 2019

The NoFinish Line celebrates its 20th birthday, and Exsymol was there!

This event exists since 1999 in Monaco. Its concept is simple: To run or to walk on a 1400m long circuit which is open 24h/24 for 8 days, as many time as wanted, as many kilometers as possible. For each km, Children & Future donates 1 € for fonding projects to support disadvantaged and/or sick children.

In 2018, the staff members of Exsymol ran for more than 1375km (over 40km/person) in order to raise fonds for charity projects. This year, all of Exsymol intends on repeating this feat during the 2019 edition which will start on November 16th in Monaco

In order to know more about the NoFinish Line, click here.

CSR : Our 2018 report
02 October 2019

The CSR report for 2018 is now available. You will find here all the information regarding our corporate and social responsibility policy (carbon footprint, energy consumption, social policy…).

Peru : An Exsymol Day in Lima
01 October 2019
Gustavo LOPEZ
Exsymol representative in LatAM

On October 2nd, during an Exsymol day organized by our Peruvian distributor Cosphatec in Lima, Gustavo LOPEZ will present our latest developments :

– Silanols and biomechanics

– Entadine : Protection against the Dark sun

– Natural anti-pollution actives

Pôle PASS: Copresentation Exsymol & Payan Bertrand
02 September 2019

On Thursday, September 12th, the “pôle de compétitivité PASS” (Grasse, France) is organizing an event about the ecoresponsible valorization of vegetables for cosmetics and neutraceutics.

Dr. Patrick Lafitte (Exsymol) and Dr. Laure Saint-Lary (Payan Bertrand) will cohost a conference describing our collaboration for the valorization of plant byproducts.

Meiyanol, our extract of draffs from elderberry flowers, is the fruit of this collaboration. This active has been especially designed for reducing dark circles and puffy eyes.

Photoprotection : Exsymol received a favorable opinion from the WIPO for patenting the extraction process of his active Entadine
01 July 2019

EXSYMOL received a favorable opinion from the WIPO (world intellectual property organization) for patenting the enzymatic extraction process which was developed for his active ENTADINE, and its applications.

This innovative process allows for an enzymatic self-activation which maximizes the Entadamide A content (molecule responsible for the immunosuppression, photoprotection and whitening activities of ENTADINE), while preserving the phaseoloidin (anti-oxidant molecule).

Discover or rediscover all the skin benefits provided by ENTADINE

Entadine wins the Ringier Technology Innovation Award for SunCare
24 June 2019

During the Personal Care Technology Summit in Shanghai, Entadine won the innovation award in the sun care category.

Find out all the benefits provided by Entadine.

Source : https://www.happi.com/contents/view_breaking-news/2019-06-23/happi-china-celebrates-beauty-innovators/

Brazil : Exsymol attends a seminar about cortisol
21 June 2019
Exsymol attended a seminar about the effects of cortisol.
Christophe Paillet, Director of Marketing and Communication, has presented Epidermosil, a silanol against the effects of psychological stress on skin.

Thanks to Aqia, our Brazilian distributor, for the flawless organization of this seminar at the Museum of Modern Art in Sao Paulo.
Thanks to Dra. SuziKelli Sousi, endocrinologist, for her amazing conference which emphisized the noxious effects of cortisol on skin and hair.
Discover Epidermosil, an ideal solution against cortisol.

Interview : P. BONDON, General Manager
12 June 2019
Pierre Bondon, General Manager of EXSYMOL

Find the interview of Pierre Bondon, our General Manager, who shares his vision of EXSYMOL’s future in the columns of Expression Cosmétique #57.

Source : http://www.editionsbgm.fr/

SCC Supplier’s Day 2019
03 May 2019

EXSYMOL will attend Supplier’s day on Mai 7-8 in New York City.

Emmanuel COSTE, communication manager, will be on the booth of Biosil, #1003. Come an meet us!

Earth’s day : EXSYMOL’s commitments
22 April 2019

During Earth’s day, Exsymol highlights its CSR policy and commitments.


Christophe Paillet is now director of marketing & communication on the Executive Committee of Exsymol.
02 April 2019

This appointment echoes the reorganization being put in place by senior management. More than 25 years ago, in possession of a degree in chemical engineering and a doctorate in the discipline, Christophe Paillet entered as a research manager within the Monegasque SME specializing in assets, including silicon-based , then evolved into development-type positions and then listened to the client until this new appointment.

Active news 2019: Black sun, microbiome and acne, brightening innovation, stress and oily skin.
02 April 2019

By continuing our research on the effect of psychological stress on the skin, we have observed that cortisol (stress hormone) increases the amount of sebum it produces. Stress is therefore a major player in pathologies such as acne.

Cells producing sebum when exposed to cortisol (stress)
Our active decreases sebum production in sebocytes exposed to cortisol. Sebum is in green and cell nuclei are in blue (DAPI).

Protect the skin against the effects of the Black Sun! This concept comes from the fact that by absorbing UV, melanin will release free radicals that will damage the DNA several hours after exposure to the sun.

Reducing the production of melanin appears to be a very bad idea when we think about the well being of the skin … Unless this asset is also a photoprotecteur

New 2019 Organic Silicium Secrets – Finding Fibroblast / Structural Fiber Voltage
02 April 2019

Our research on silanols has made a major advance in identifying the action of organic silicon on the biomechanical properties of the skin.

Organic silicium improves the stretching and attachment abilities of fibroblasts to collagen fibers. Actin is here in red (rhodamine-phalloidin) and the nuclei appear in blue (DAPI).

Our recent work has shown that in addition to stimulating the activity of all skin cells, silicon allows fibroblasts to retain their ability to stretch, attach, and contract. The fibroblasts thus reorganize the collagen fibers of the dermis optimally and thus ensure good firmness and elasticity to the skin.

EXSYMOL makes its cinema
27 March 2019

Come to discover the 2nd of April 2019 our new institutional presentation on version 2.0 of our website exsymol.co

No finish line 2018
27 March 2019

Congratulations to everybody! After 40 km per person, EXSYMOL completed 1001 laps!

See you next year for new records!

Tradition and modernity – EXSYMOL 2.0 – Reactivity, customer service and optimized market!
19 March 2019

The founders of EXSYMOL, Ms. Marie-Christine Seguin and Mr. Jean Gueyne have developed a corporate culture that has boosted the development of the company, and which is sustained by the impetus of Pierre Bondon Director General.

New clinical evaluations: after shave, anti-aging, soothing, moisturizing, capillary quality, anti fall …
19 March 2019
CAPALGIN – prevention is better than cure …

Capalgin, our Chondrus crispus extract, has a unique mechanism of action that allows it to increase the hair growth rate while preventing hair loss with more hair in the anagen phase. In addition, the density of the hair is increased and their quality (thickness) is also improved.

DSB C – calmly reinforce against sources of ignition

DSB C is a silanol that has an organic silicon core combined with salicylic acid for anti-aging and soothing benefits. Here, men and women shaved to cause recurrent inflammation. D.S.B.C is able to soothe and instantly moisturize the skin. In the long term and because of the restructuring capabilities of silicon, the skin is restructured and prepared, which decreases inflammation and dehydration day after day. This effect is all the more visible as the treatment is long.